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Disrupting the Clinical Trial: When to Decentralize?


Across industries, leaders examine disruptive innovation, looking at the inflection points that lead to broader adoption. The adoption phase in decentralization is now. Yes, there has been inhibition and concern over regulatory acceptance, but the transformative benefits cannot be ignored.

Watch back on a masterclass conversation with leaders and innovators from Stanford, Novartis, Delfi Diagnostics and Science 37, as we discussed decentralization from a disruption standpoint. Learn more about agile technologies and industry standards that are needed to drive clinical trial innovation, as we move towards universal adoption of decentralization.



Stefanos Zenios, Professor of Disruptive Innovation, Stanford University

David Coman, CEO, Science 37

Jennifer Buechel, Chief Operating Officer, Delfi Diagnostics

Jacob LaPorte, Co-Founder & Global Head, BIOMENovartis

Paul Simms, Chief Executive, Impatient Health


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