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The Science 37® Metasite™—How a Virtual Site Delivers Faster and More Efficient Clinical Trials

11:00 am EDT / 4:00 pm GMT / 5:00 pm CET 
Online Event

Emerging biopharma and top pharma companies alike are looking to leverage virtual sites to expand patient access, deliver greater patient diversity, and reduce timelines.

Just like no two clinical trials are the same, virtual sites differ across organizations—and key factors must be considered prior to implementation. To deliver true universal access, real-world representation, and expansive reach, companies are choosing the Metasite™, as a seamless first step to decentralization. 

Join us for an all-new webinar on Wednesday, April 6 at 11:00 am EDT / 4:00 pm GMT / 5:00 pm CET and learn more about this innovative model, and how it removes barriers to adoption in clinical research. 

Discover how the Metasite:

  • Complements traditional sites to accelerate recruitment and improve patient engagement
  • Differentiates from other decentralized  models  through its  unique Investigator Network and integrated solutions
  • Improves diversity and offers global patient access. 
  • Delivers significant ROI vs. a traditional study model  

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