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Oncology Clinical Trial Access - Increasing Participation of Women in Clinical Trials


There are low numbers of women in clinical trials. When it comes to representation in oncological clinical research, is the perceived risk to women’s health driving the disparity of participation? For ethnic minorities, the top three reported cancers — lung, breast, and colon cancer — deliver some of the highest mortality rates for women. In colorectal cancer, women’s participation-to-prevalence ratio is at a 28 percent shortfall.

Why aren’t more women represented? Research suggests that social determinants of health, poverty, physician bias, patient study burden, and access challenges, are factors leading to fewer women participating in cancer trials.

Increasing the participation of women in clinical trials might help alleviate some of these factors.

Watch back on this webinar as leaders in Oncology, Diversity in Clinical Trials and advocates for patients from across the industry discuss new ways to increase oncology trial awareness for women.



Ryan Brown, Global Head, Diversity in Clinical Trials, Science 37

Dr. Lauren Powell, President & CEO of The Equitist, LLC And Vice President, US Health Equity & Community Wellness for Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Kimberly Richardson, Black Cancer Collaborative

Dr. Shaalan Beg, Vice President, Oncology, Science 37

Patricia Cornet, Senior Director, Patient Advocacy, Oncology, Bristol Myers Squibb; Co-Founder & Board Member Women of Color in Pharma