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Orchestrate DCTs with the Science 37 Technology-First Operating System™.

Science 37’s unrivaled experience in activating and orchestrating decentralized clinical trials is made possible by our Technology+ platform. This provides you with comprehensive, end-to-end trial management to orchestrate workflow, generate evidence, and harmonize data from eSources (eCOA/ePRO), real-world evidence (RWE), and wearable devices.
Orchestrate DCTs with the Science 37 Technology-First Operating System™.


As a key component of the Science 37 platform, electronic informed consent (eConsent) enables regulatory compliance and a seamless clinical trial experience for patients and providers.

Science 37’s Regulatory Affairs Team is focused on local and country-specific laws, guidelines and requirements as related to decentralized procedures.

With a deep understanding of the risks associated with conducting decentralized clinical trials, our experts are equipped to navigate the complex regulatory landscape and processes on behalf of our customers.


Electronic clinical outcome assessments (eCOA) are a key component of the Science 37 Operating System.

Real-World Evidence.

The Science 37 operating system connects the patient with the physician investigator and Science 37 study team to collect trial evidence in the real world.

This makes us ideally suited to tackle the industry's biggest issue – the inability of patients to participate.
Real-World Evidence.

Faster Start-Up for Continuity of Care.


Subcutaneous formulation extension for an approved intravenous infusion, targeted therapy for breast cancer.


Supports patients and investigators at large academic cancer centers.

  • Telemedicine follow-ups
  • Direct IMP distribution
  • Science 37 mobile nurse administering a subcutaneous injection
  • Remote electronic Clinical Outcomes Assessment (eCOA; ePRO and ClinROs)



Faster study Startup

"All clinical trials are special but this one… is above and beyond anything that I’ve seen in my oncology career."

Enable Your Trial With a Technology+ Platform.

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