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Insight Brief

Centralize Clinical Trials with Decentralized Clinical Trials

As the industry adopts more agile and decentralized approaches, it has rallied around the term decentralized clinical trials and expanded its definition to include all mobile, remote, home-based or community provider-based solutions for collecting clinical outcomes data. 

But what does “decentralized” really refer to?  

Originally intended as the inverse for the traditional clinical trial design in which the collection of data is centralized within one brick and mortar investigative site location, the term made sense in the context of traditional research. 

The irony: The traditional model is based on a highly decentralized network of independent sites to collect outcomes data. 

In this new insight brief, Science 37 CEO David Coman explains how agile and decentralized approaches actually offer sponsors more centralized command and oversight compared to traditional study design.

Download our insight brief to find out more.

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