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The Metasite™ in Action: Unleash the Power of a Virtual Site


Emerging biopharma and top pharma companies alike are looking to virtual sites to expand patient access, deliver greater patient diversity, and reduce clinical trial timelines.

But what does a virtual site really do?

Beyond Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT) technology, a virtual site enables the operationalization of a remote trial. It incorporates HCPs for procedures, brings mobile nurses to the patient’s home, and delivers flexible study conduct—supporting the patient wherever they are.

In this 30-minute video-on-demand, learn the key factors that must be considered prior to the implementation of a virtual site, and listen to Science 37 experts as they discuss the path forward to deliver patient-friendly clinical trials. 

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Shaalan Beg, MD, VP, Oncology, Science 37

Darcy Forman, Chief Delivery Officer, Science 37