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Empowering Diversity
in Clinical Trials.

Diverse audiences want to participate in clinical trials but so often, are not asked, overlooked, or unable to access because of geographic barriers. The Science 37 Operating System™ (OS) enables universal access to patients and providers, leading to faster enrollment, greater retention, and a more representative patient population. Leveraging the OS, the Diversity in Clinical Trials business unit’s mission is to collaborate with patients, employees, sponsors, and community organizations who share our vision of eliminating health disparities in underrepresented communities through our patient-centered approach to clinical research.

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We Make Clinical Research More Accessible to Underserved Populations to Enable Faster Enrollment, Better Retention and More Representation of Real-World Populations.

How to Empower Diversity in Clinical Trials

Science 37’s Global Head, Diversity in Clinical Trials, Ryan Pack, hosts an interactive discussion with leaders from Novartis, PPD, National Urban League and Colorectal Cancer Alliance on how the biopharmaceutical industry can move beyond lip service and truly empower diversity in clinical trials.

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How to Empower Diversity in Clinical Trials

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