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Science 37® and Medgate Partner to Further Globalize Decentralized Clinical Trials

LOS ANGELES, March 2, 2021
Science 37® and Medgate Partner to Further Globalize Decentralized Clinical Trials

With a presence in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East, Medgate extends the Science 37 Decentralized Clinical Trial Operating System—enabling more provider and patient research participation.
Science 37, the industry leader in decentralized clinical trials, announced today a strategic partnership with Medgate, a leading international digital health and telemedicine company and operator of Europe’s largest telemedicine center run by physicians.
The relationship extends Science 37’s global leadership in orchestrating decentralized clinical trials for study sponsors by enabling Medgate physicians to participate in research and contribute to the improvement of treatments. With more than 500 employees across Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East, the Medgate partnership expands Science 37’s capacity to grow and execute global decentralized clinical studies.
“Enabling universal access for clinical research and making it easier for patients and investigators is at the core of Science 37,” said David Coman, CEO of Science 37. “This partnership helps our aim by growing our footprint around the world, bolstering our ability to find patients, and demonstrating the possibilities that participating in clinical research, from anywhere, can mean for patients’ lives and for the physicians who treat them.” 
“As a global telemedicine and digital health provider, we can support Science 37 in conducting clinical trials efficiently. With the help of digital health solutions such as sensors and telemedical support, studies can be carried out remotely. Patients can thus participate in studies completely and easily from home,” said Andy Fischer, CEO of Medgate.
Science 37 continues to strengthen its global and regulatory expertise, bringing in key regulatory experts around the world while also enhancing its comprehensive, technology-first Operating System, which is purpose-built to support virtual trials and is now deployed in more than 30 countries with translations to more than 40 languages.
“Our ability to orchestrate any component of a decentralized clinical trial with our technology-first Operating System continues to differentiate Science 37 as we accelerate research for sponsors, enable investigators, and increase access for patients to potentially life-saving therapies. We continue to lead the way, around the world,” said Coman.  
About Science 37
Science 37 enables universal access to clinical research—making it easier for patients and providers to participate and accelerating the development of new and innovative treatments that impact patient lives. With the industry’s first and only, technology-first Decentralized Clinical Trial Operating System™ (DCT OS), we enable workflow orchestration, evidence generation and data harmonization on a unified, seamless platform—configurable to enable any study and fused with our expansive networks of telemedicine investigators, mobile nurses, remote coordinators, patient communities and connected devices.  As the pioneer of decentralized clinical trials, Science 37 has conducted more DCTs than any other company, in a  myriad of indications with proven operational excellence and expertise. Learn more at Science 37, and follow Science 37 on TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook.
About Medgate
At Medgate, we are rethinking healthcare to provide our patients with easy access to affordable, high-quality medical care wherever they are. Thanks to innovative digital health solutions, we bring the doctor to where your patients need him. We offer telemedical advice and treatment around the clock, 365 days a year - via app, phone and video. The well-being of our patients is at the center of everything we do. They benefit from our 20 years of telemedicine experience, our high medical and technical standards and the high professional qualifications of our staff. 
Medgate is present in Switzerland, Germany, the Philippines, India and the United Arab Emirates and employs over 510 people worldwide.
Drew Bustos
Science 37
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