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Science 37® and Xperiome™ Partner to Increase the Efficiency and Speed of Rare Disease Studies for Patients and Providers

LOS ANGELES, March 11, 2021
Science 37® and Xperiome™ Partner to Increase the Efficiency and Speed of Rare Disease Studies for Patients and Providers

Using Science 37’s decentralized clinical trial model, the partnership offers Xperiome’s research-ready, rare disease patients more study opportunities with less burden.
Science 37, the industry leader in decentralized clinical trials, announced today a partnership with Xperiome, a global rare disease healthtech company. The partnership further strengthens Science 37's capabilities to bring research directly to patients, both by easing the patient burden and enabling treating physicians the opportunity to advance research as an investigator. Science 37 will leverage Xperiome's insights from Raremark, its data-driven knowledge bank powered by patients, including a specialized matching engine to connect research-ready members to clinical and real-world study opportunities.
Clinical studies for rare diseases have always presented challenges. From investigator training to data collection, researching rare disease is mired with condition-specific obstacles that slow development and place an enormous burden on patients wanting to participate in a potentially life-saving clinical trial. By leveraging Xperiome's in-depth rare disease patient communities—combined with Science 37's technology-first Decentralized Clinical Trial Operating System—sponsors can more effectively run a decentralized clinical trial to speed the development of therapies. 
"At Science 37, our purpose of enabling universal access for clinical research is predicated on making it easier for patients to participate," said David Coman, CEO of Science 37. "The burden is typically doubled in rare disease studies, as it's usually not just the patient alone traveling to and from a research site. By partnering with Xperiome and their rare disease communities, we can help design more patient-centric decentralized studies, reduce patient burden, and provide more opportunity to participate, which ultimately accelerates the development of treatments that impact patients' lives." 
"Current site-based models can cause unnecessary burdens to patients, and these burdens could potentially stop them from taking part in clinical research," said Jeremy Edwards, CEO of Xperiome. "We know from our vast experience and research that a lot of patients want to contribute and help with rare disease drug research. Science 37's unique technology-based Operating System, along with its mobile nurses and telemedicine investigators' networks, enables in-home data collection and exams while maintaining interaction with clinicians, giving rare disease patients the option to participate in trials regardless of where they live in the world. It's a real game-changer for rare disease research."
Science 37 continues to lead in conducting rare disease decentralized clinical studies, offering configurable technology solutions for the ever-pressing needs requisite for rare disorders' unique manifestations and characteristics. With the most advanced technology and telemedicine expertise, Science 37 also trains research-naive physicians, enabling them to be investigators and maintain their patient relationships without additional infrastructure costs.
"Rare disease research requires thoughtful orchestration. With our technology-first Operating System, we can configure a truly patient-centric approach as we bring research directly to patients, enable investigators, and speed to market potentially life-saving treatments," said Coman.
About Science 37
Science 37 enables universal access to clinical research—making it easier for patients and providers to participate and accelerating the development of new and innovative treatments that impact patient lives.
With the industry’s first and only, technology-first Decentralized Clinical Trial Operating System™ (DCT OS), we enable workflow orchestration, evidence generation and data harmonization on a unified, seamless platform—configurable to enable any study and fused with our expansive networks of telemedicine investigators, mobile nurses, remote coordinators, patient communities and connected devices. 
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About Xperiome
Xperiome is a global healthtech company that helps pharma get to know rare disease patients and their conditions faster by delivering deep insights into the patient experience.
We have created Raremark as the place for the lived experience of rare disease. Raremark supports every stage of a patient’s health odyssey: a community to crowdsource wisdom, a library to catalog the lived experience, and a matching engine to find research opportunities.
This data-driven knowledge bank of the rare experience allows us to match research-ready members to clinical and real-world studies, faster and smarter than ever before.
Learn more about Xperiome here:
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